Saturday, June 12, 2010

The More You Know | Zombie Defense

Urban Bone Machete, Mark III

"Let Me Be Frankie" usually deals with the subjects of food, travel, or whatever the heck else I feel like it dealing with. So, head's up, dear readers! It's time for a Zombie Public Service Announcement!

The Zombie Apocalypse, for those of you who aren't well-read on events "impending" and "doom-ish" in nature, is one rogue virus, bacteria, nanobot or scientific "reanimating" boo boo away from happening.

Stockpiling guns and ammunition in preparation for Z-Day is a given, but once the ammo runs out, you've got the proud folks of Zombie Tools, in Missoula, Montana at your back! These metalworking men are crafting battle-worthy weaponry for your protection in the good ol' USA. My first impression was "Damn, those things are pretty nerdy!", but if I were in the market for a zombie killing blade, I'd prefer to use something made from 1560 spring steel, if only for one reason: it's purportedly the same steel used to make the Kukri.

The Kukri is the official close combat mêlée weapon" of the Ghurka - some of the fiercest soldiers in history ...

... maybe this post should have been about them?

Anyway, visit Zombie Tools' website to find the right Zombie killer for you.

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