Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cute Wine Gifts

As seen on Giftsanddec.com

I found a darling gift to give my fellow red wine drinkers during my internet meandering. Wine Wipes, petite, citrus-flavored wipes housed in small compacts with a mirror inside the lid, were created by Borracha, LLC to wipe off that purple-hued film people get after a glass or two of their favorite Barbera d'Asti (or whatever they drink).

The people at Borracha state that Wine Wipes were specially developed with a sommelier so the citrus blossom flavor would not interfere with the wine. I read that the wipes will taste slightly salty because, well, salt and baking soda make up part of the ingredients list.

That won't deter me; I'll be ordering a pack shortly, and I'll get back to you about the flavor and efficacy. You can buy them from Winewipes.com (as of today, they're selling three for $20), or whichever cutesy local boutique is offering them. Happy, sexy drinking!


  1. This is genius. Please report on how they are!

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