Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer | Frozen Blueberries

[insert "Smurfs" joke here]

I picked eight pounds of blueberries last time I went to the farm.

Lest I become sick of blueberry smoothies, or lose all of my hard-earned crop to decay, I decided to learn how to freeze blueberries properly.

Teh interwebz told me to scatter the blueberries I wanted to freeze across cookie sheets, one blueberry thick. Google also warned that washing the berries would toughen their skins, but since I would be using most of them for smoothies, I didn't consider that a deal breaker.

It takes at least half an hour to freeze the berries, and it I'd read that freezer burn took about 2 days to set in, so I went out to a movie and separated them into freezer bags when I got back.

You can see the finished sheet of frozen blueberries in the photo above.

Finally, there was one thing my web-based lessons in blueberry freezings did not prepare me for: I absolutely LOVED the taste and texture of the frozen blueberries!

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