Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer of Berries

Stand-in strawberry photo until I have my own!
Via Bigberto.

I haven't been following the health nut diet I proposed for myself back in April, and now that it's almost summertime, I'm getting panicky at the thought of bathing suits. I feel deeply that I'm too young to wear a one piece.

Luckily, summertime also means that strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries -all preferred fruits- will be in season. Follow my logic: I shouldn't have any trouble taking a fresh, healthy, and organic approach if I'm eating what I enjoy.

Also, making strawberry shortcake, blueberry pie, and raspberry jam is still better than not ingesting any fruit, so, there's berry picking to be done!

I've found several farms west of Cleveland to fuel my strawberry shortcake obsession health kick. I'll be doing some picking, some photographing, and cooking with what I find at these farms:

  • Red Wagon Farm
  • Chance Creek Blues Organic Blueberry Farm
  • Voytko Farms
  • Aufdenkampe Family Farm

  • Want to find a few farms close to you? Visit


    1. I don't think "fresh" pies are significantly more slimming than store-bought. Just sayin'.

    2. Jo, it's simple: More fruit with less sugar.

      Frankie, I envy your dedication to blogging.

    3. Thanks, ma Chérie (bet you get that alot:-).
      I don't have a full time job, while you do. I really should be posting more often! <3