Saturday, May 29, 2010

Steampunk Guitar

Don't look too closely.

I found this Steampunk electric guitar hand-made by Buddy Blaze on a week ago and forgot to share it. I love most things Steampunk, and you should, too!

The guitar has been granted Steampunk-itude thanks to a custom graphic decal by artist Stephen Jensen. That's cool, but not Steampunk enough for me.

What would make it more Steampunk? Skip the pansy graphic decal, for starters. I'm thinking actual, three-dimensional clockwork gears on it, and maybe some antique-looking wires jutting about.

Sort of like this:

Via Slippery Brick. Ha.

See? That might fit in a Jules Verne novel quite nicely. I prefer it, but something tells me it would be slightly less commercially-successful than Blaze's version.

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