Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Feve | Black River Belles

The Feve is a local restaurant that is many kinds of awesome, if for no other reason than bringing tater tots back into my life after I'd convinced myself I'd outgrown them.

The Feve is also the only cool restaurant/bar that's open past 11:00 PM in Oberlin's corner of northern Ohio, and it boasts a kick-ass micro-scene with patrons like Tym Switzer, Stevie Wonder, and Danny DeVito passing by to share chocolate and wine with Jason (the bar's owner) and his crew of pretty college-age employees.

I was lucky enough to duck in during a Black River Belles concert last Sunday. The Belles are a terrific blue grass folk band made up of three cute Southern gals who Rock Out to the classics, but who are also capable of belting out a few originals which are equally convincing.

Unlike Dave Matthews, this sounded better live.

The Belles are fronted by Helena Thompson, who has become my heroin by virtue of her delicious butterscotch voice and tolerance for whiskey. She also claims to be a good kisser, but I will neither confirm nor deny this fact.

Can you tell I'm a bit smitten? GIRL CRUSH!

The other band members seem just as skilled and gorgeous as Thompson. Erin Lobb is on Cello and sings backup (listen to her version of Shankill Butchers), while Sara Sasaki's little red cowgirl boots lead me to believe that could pull off one of Paganini's violin pieces, no sweat.

Overall, the Belle's performance was very involving - and it was refreshing to see performers who aren't afraid to sweat on their instruments.

Really, I've seen so many "big, rich, rockbands" give half-assed shows at expensive venues with zero effort made to connect to the very audiences who paid for their Lear jets and Bluebird tour buses ...

... and that's my review of last Sunday at the Feve, people! I hope you enjoyed it and I can't wait to go again. See you there!


  1. OH YAY! I'm glad you enjoyed the show!

  2. You were great! Do you have any more gigs coming up, or are you ladies going to be gone for the summer?