Sunday, April 25, 2010

America's Largest Bake Sale?

Expensive Marble Swirl Cupcakes from

After writing for a couple of hours, I wanted a quick little visual pick me up. I usually go to one of several food pr0n sites, but I did a random search on Google and found what appeared to be a cute little website for people who want yummy carbs and a happy conscience on

It's the bake sale gone national. Anyone in the States can order baked goods from the vendors listed on this site and have 10% of that purchase go towards a non-profit that the vendor has selected.

The idea seems sound initially, but I think Dough4Charity may be over-complicating things. I'm specifically referring to the $15.99 flat delivery fee, but there's a bit more. None of the vendor profiles are up, and isn't a bake sale essentially a local activity where kids and non-profit groups connect with their local communities? Their motto, "America's Largest Bake Sale", is a little misleading.

I'd be more forgiving if more than 10% of purchases went to the chosen non-profits. Why not 50%, or even 20%? It appears that a lot of these vendors are established bakeries, so they must turn a profit.

I looked up more online bake sales and found something a more viable. "Share Our Strength's Great American Bake Sale" doesn't have the delightful photographs of cookies and muffins of Dough4Charity, but it's an interesting concept and a thorough website. It also has the backing of the Food Network, Family Circle, and Domino Sugar, to name a few.

It's simple to donate to their "No Kid Hungry" cause. Seems all you have to do is sign up to host a bake sale, map that bake sale on the site, and then donate the proceeds. Simple and straightforward, as bake sales should be.

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