Thursday, October 15, 2009

Local Brews

When I first moved to Palm Beach, I complained that there weren't any locally brewed beers worth mentioning. I was wrong, and soon found the delicious Monk in a Trunk created by the Inlet Brewing Company in Jupiter, FL.

Now, West Palm Beach isn't horrible as far as cities go, but it is one of the more "plastic", superficial places to exist anywhere on the planet. Even so, it is a "real city", and I was worried that I wouldn't find any good microbrews after moving to Oberlin this summer.

I am optimistic, however. Let's face it: if a delicious, Belgian-style beer could be found in this soulless, plastic burg, there is bound to be a decent brewery around Oberlin, Ohio. A quick Google search confirmed this heady (for me) optimism, yielding both the Great Lakes Brewing Company and Fat Head's Brewery and Saloon, among many others.

Reviews coming soon, people. Stay tuned.

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